Bio Health 

Coconut Charcoal Ball

Virus Off 


Active Energy = Aura7 

Represents 7 different kinds of beneficial energy 

AURA7 is a company that has grown into a bio company starting as a manufacturer specialized in far-infrared CC Ball (Polypetide Coconut Charcoal Ball).

Started research on coconut charcoal ball (CC Ball) in 2010, and succeeded in developing CC Ball with its own technology in 2012. To bring the CC BALL closer to everyday life, we steadily researched and developed it, starting with a far-infrared steamer in 2017 and releasing a nozzle steamer in 2020.
In addition, in 2020, it has made a leap forward to achieving CC BALL's food registration (Registration Number 14691309816) .

With the release of a steamer that can have excellent effects on beauty and health, we started researching more products, and through the corona era, we developed a variety of products by incorporating virus-off technology.  Furthermore, we created the CC BALL of the polypeptide component.

Accordingly, we are introducing innovative products by opening an exhibition hall where more people can experience and experience firsthand.

AURA7's challenge for virus-free, healthy and valuable humanity will continue in the future.


Your experience with Polypeptide CC Ball will give you a new change of life and a new amazing experience. It will return your past years, by erasing the trace of time.


Change A change for a healthy life! Polypeptide CC BALL will inform you how to protect yourself from various environmental problems and daily stress, the costs you have to pay for a more convenient life, Change from now!


So that you can find “rest” in your daily life. More convenient More secure Healthier 'Let's make a product you can trust‘ We communicate with customers by making good products with safe and reliable materials.