Bio Health 

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Virus Off 


Virus Off Mask

New anti-viral treatment technology applied to the outer nonwoven fabric

Virus killing mask

Advanced antiviral

Non-woven fabric coated with function!!

Immediate virus killing upon

touching the face of the mask.

It is easy to breathe and can effectively prevent virus infection.

◆ KTR Korea Chemical Convergence Testing Institute

“More than 99.9% viral effect within 1 minute” “No cytotoxicity”

◆ Situ Biosciences LLC

“99.54% antiviral effect” “negative/no toxicity”

◆ Gmicro Testing

“99.97% lasting viral effect”

◆ SGS antibacterial test

“Instant and lasting excellent antibacterial activity”

“Escherichia coli 99.9% / Pneumonia 99.9% / Staphylococcus aureus 99.9%”

◆ FITI Antibacterial Test

“Instant and continuous excellent antibacterial and deodorizing power”

“Ammonia 99.9% / Hydrogen sulfide 99.9% / Methyl mercaptan 99.3% / Iovaleric acid 93%”

◆ SGS safety test

“201 hazardous substances not detected”